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PF8100 OTP Programming

Question asked by Omar Hussein on Aug 22, 2019
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I'm evaluating the PF8100 PMIC for use in a project and have a question about the OTP feature. I currently have the evaluation board for the 8100 (KITPF8100FRDMEVM) and am using the FlexGUI utility to set up the configuration. It seems that the PMIC has a blank OTP configuration, and when the PMIC is powered none of the outputs start-up (as expected). Is it possible to configure the OTP registers using the evaluation board, or do you have to use the OTP programmer (PF8200/PF8100 Programming Board | NXP )? It seem like you should be able to to program the OTP through the GUI as the OTP registers have a Write button, however if I try to write a value to an OTP register and the read it back it returns to the default. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated!