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Cannot use SRKH blowing command to secureboot.

Question asked by pomepome11 on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2019 by pomepome11

I'm trying secure boot in develop mode on LS1046A-FRWY with its manual FRWY-LS1046ABSPUG v0.1, but it fails.
I used following steps.


1. Edit build_lsdk.cfg




2. build image
    $ source setenv
    $ flex-builder -m ls1046afrwy -a arm64 -b -s


3. deploy the image to SD card
    $ source setenv
    $ flex-installer -f firmware_ls1046afrwy_uboot_sdboot.img -d /dev/sde


4. blow OTPMK(described in in  FRWY-LS1046ABSPUG v0.1)


5. Boot the image
    - Change switch setting to SD boot
    - Insert SD to the board
    - boot the board


At this point, I have expected a prompt for SRK blowing as described in, but nothing is displayed.
Please give me some advice.