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KW36 Pairing&Bond with Link Encryption issue

Question asked by ziv wang on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2019 by ziv wang

Hi someone,


the problem is: while the Pairing and bonding are succeed, but if set the Char & Char value ACCESS level to gPermissionFlagReadWithEncryption_c or gPermissionFlagWriteWithEncryption_c , the mobile app cannot read or write successfully from/to these values.


my working environment:

IDE: MCUXpresso 


Demo project:



code changes:

changed the security level to gPermissionFlagReadWithEncryption_c , should be security mode 1 level 2


others are never changed, the default security mode setting in project is mode 1 level 3. this should not be the problem.


the problem :

the NRF connect or lightblue can successfully Pairing and bond with the device, but cannot READ the value_battery_level. the error code is GATT READ NOT PERMIT 

the original source code set the permission to lowest level, will not have this issue, please check this issue.