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LPC 1788 Ethernet configuration

Discussion created by roshan borhade on Aug 22, 2019
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I am using LPC1788 conrtex M3 microcontroller and trying to configure its e ETHERNET port by using CMSIS RTOS2 RTX5.
I am able to run other drivers like UART , TIMERS , and GPIO's using RTOS2 RTX5.
But facing some issues to run ETHERNET.

microcontroller - LPC1788 M3
Phy IC - LAN8720
Driver - ETH MAC 0
Interface - RMII
IDE and Compiler - Keil microvision-5
software development suite - MDK-Plus
RTOS - RTOS2 RTX5 version 5.5.0

Please find attached c files and Configuration setting I have done in my project.

I am calling netInitialize(); function from main()
it returns me "netOK" that means Network Core initialized successfully

Then I am calling netTCP_GetSocket function and passing "tcp_cb_server" call back function as an argument it as below

tcp_sock = netTCP_GetSocket(tcp_cb_server);
if (tcp_soo itck > 0) {
netTCP_Listen(tcp_sock, 2000);

I am getting tcp_sock = 1,
I am checking status of the socket created "tcp_sock" using function
socket_status = netTCP_GetState(tcp_sock);
it returns me "netTCP_StateLISTEN"
means socket is listen mode.
but when I try to connect through Hyperterminal unable to established a connection
Please find attched code and configuration settings.
Please help on high priority