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Strange Problems about flash programming

Discussion created by Jaffe Guo on Feb 25, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by Ronald Collins

Dear all,


My board is based on MPC8540 processor

My Codewarrior is V8.8 for Powerpc and USB-TAP


It’s a bareboard that designed by myself, not a standard evaluation board. The flash chip is Intel’s JS28F128J3D-75. I used the Initialization File of  MSC8144ADS_init.cfg successfully connected the board and erased the flash, but the weird things are that ( sometimes) I could program the flash correctly as well as validation, and the UBOOT started well after flash programming, everything was OK right then. But next day when I again booted the board I had the UBOOT unhealthy. At the very beginning, It had only several start information lines displayed in the Terminal Emulator Window and hang up, as I restarted the board the less information displayed, and I got nothing on the terminal emulator after several times restarting the board. The UBOOT just disappeared. Then I re programmed the flash, and the error appeared when blank checking or validating. Some sectors failed to erase or program.

It’s strange, please give me some advise.

Since my board is not an evaluation board, must I config a new Initialization File instead of MSC8144ADS_init.cfg that totally matching my board ? What else should I do besides Initialization File for a new designed board ?