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How to program the EEPROM externally

Question asked by Wolfgang Kramper Employee on Aug 21, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by Wolfgang Kramper

Hi NXP comunity team,


I have another question which I cannot find in the documentation. The LPC18S37, like other LPC family members, has a separate EEPROM memory of 16K size. The user manual explains how to erase and write to the EEPROM via software from the controller software. But I want to write to EEPROM from one of the programming tools like MCUXresso or LPCScrypt.


The EEPROM is suitable for storing custom board information, such as a serial number or the MAC address for the Ethernet interface. While the program software is the same on every board, only specific data should be stored in the EEPROM that can be programmed externally in a separate process. Unfortunately, I find no information, if and how to program the EEPROM from the outside, so with MCUXpresso.


For instance, for NXP chip PN7462, the EEPROM memory is externally programmable.


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