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Openil-related Issues for TSN switch on LS1028ardb

Question asked by Junhui Jiang on Aug 20, 2019

Hi everyone~:

I am a researcher at Hanyang University.

Recently, I am testing the Qbv function on NXP TSN switch.

By referring to the Openil manual, there seems no information about mapping traffic with specific priority to the corresponding queue.


My case is as follow,

Openil 1.5 manual provides a command "tc qdisc add dev eno0 root handle 1: mqprio num_tc 8 map 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 hw 1" to map traffic to a specific hardware queue according to the traffic's PCP.


Everything goes well on the interface "eno0", i.e., when gate list set to "t0 00100000 10000", only the traffic with PCP of 5 can be sent out. 


However it seems do not support the TSN switch port(e.g., swp0).

Besides, I use the command "pcpmap" try to map the traffic with PCP of 5 to queue5, 

and I set the gate list as"t0 00100000 10000", if the traffic is mapped to queue5 successfully, it should be sent out. But it cannot be sent out.


Then, I change the gate list as "t0 00000001 1000", that is the only queue0 is opened. This time traffic can be sent out.


How can I map the traffic to a specific queue on the interface of the switch (e.g., swp0)?

Thank you in advance!!

Junhui Jiang