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LPC18xx SDMMC, ACMD51 or CMD6 Reply

Question asked by Roman Leonov on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by Roman Leonov


I try to get SD Configuration register answer (ACMD51) or SWITCH CONFIG (CMD6) reply on LPC18xx (LPC1822, LPC1837 or LPC43xx, all the same).


Unfortunatelly, I have a problem here, because 512 bytes of data (READ/WRITE SINGLE BLOCK) works well for me.

But when I try to get less data than 512 bytes "Data Transfer Over" Interrupt not follow then. 


So, I set BLKSIZ, FIFOTH and BYTCNT registers to get 8 bytes (64 bits) reply for SD configuration register. 

And I can see reply throw analyzer, but there is no IRQ then in my software. So I can't get reply data from FIFO.


Here my settings:

LPC_SDMMC->BLKSIZ = 1; // 1 byte for block


/* RX_WMark = 0, TX_WMark = 15 (doesn't matter in rx mode i think) and MSize = 1 transfer */



/* then i configure sdmmc descriptor to receive 8 bytes of data. One chain descriptor */

LPC_SDMMC->BYTCNT = 8; // 8 bytes for recieption


/* then i send ACMD51 command */

But there is no IRQ.


Does someone tryed to get reply for ACMD51 or CMD6 sdmmc command on LPC18xx?

Maybe without DMA, just read data straight from FIFO.