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Question about creating bootable image for FlexSPINOR XIP for IMXRT1052 (again)

Question asked by Jack King on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by jeremyzhou

I think I am missing something fundamental in the process of creating a bootable image using the elftosb utility.


I am getting confused on the right steps to use an .srec (s19) file directly from an MCUXpresso .axf file.  I assume I can use a build with XIP_BOOT_HEADER_ENABLE=1 and XIP_EXTERNAL_FLASH=1  if the .bd file is not specifying a dcd.bin.


I'm also not sure why the documentation instructs to change the FLASH region from 0x60000000 to 0x60002000.  Is this necessary if XIP_BOOT_HEADER_ENABLE=1 and dcd.bin isn't used?


The default bd file included with elftosb has the dcd file commented out (


What I am trying to get the build process down to:


1. Compile (example) project as-is for XIP   (FLASH at 0x60000000, XIP_BOOT_HEADER_ENABLE=1 , XIP_EXTERNAL_FLASH=1), not Linked to RAM.

2. Generate .srec (s19) file from MCUXpresso

3. Use elftosb with the generated .srec and default  (no dcd.bin) to generate bootable image (.bin)

4. Use blhost to upload .bin to flash using flashloader.


What am I missing?