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Build warning: setting incorrect section attributes for .text.$Flash2

Question asked by M I on Aug 20, 2019
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I hope Erich Styger will notice this post and help me out but all other experts in linkers and section attributes for data in flash memory are very welcome.  Thanks.


This image shows the collage of the different screenshots of my situation.

* I split MKL28Z's 512KB flash memory into 508KB (code) + 4KB (read/write data non-volatile area).

* I got an example project code from NXP support, modified pflash imported SDK project, that defines a string, tt, in the .text / code area by using a sectioning macro from <cr_section_macros.h>

* Both our builds result in the warning: setting incorrect section attribute for .text.$Flash2

* show different files automatically created:  linker description script, map, MCU settings memory map, snippet of code where tt is defined, build warning, manage linker script input section

QUESTIONS:  What can I do to make this warning disappear? where should I do it? in linker section file? in manage linker script?... what "Input section description" (in place of *(.dummySectionName1) should I state on description column, in the Managed Linker Script shown on bottom right corner of image?

Thanks for all the help.