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Weston dma buffer leaks on imx8mq/imx8mm

Question asked by Ali Sabil on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by kinescope311



We are encountering a dma buffer leak with Weston on both imx8mq and imx8mm. The issue was initially thought to be linked to the open-source application (cog) that was used on top of Weston, but according to the developers this issue lies with the Vivante driver used in the imx series.


More information regarding the leak can be found here: File descriptor leak · Issue #87 · Igalia/cog · GitHub 


What makes us believe that this is indeed a driver issue is the fact that we see many "VFS: Close: file count is 0" entries in the kernel log.


Any pointers at how we could fix/troubleshoot this issue further?