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Write Data to Internal Flash While the Code is Secured

Question asked by Abdullah Çınar on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by Abdullah Çınar

I'm trying to write 384 bytes of calibration data to the flash on my MKV10Z32. I also have the flash secured. The write operation and flash secure operation works well. But when I try to read my calibration data on device startup, it works unexpectedly. It succeeds to read the calibration data on a startup, but when I reset the device, it can not read it at this startup. Then I reset the device again and now it can read it. It works on one startup and it does not work at the next startup and so on.


As I know, there shouldn't be any restriction to read/write to flash from firmware when the flash is secure. Please help me to solve this issue because I can not get any reason for this to happen...


I attached my flash file that contains flash protection operation, read calibration and write calibration functions.