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MCU Expresso projects won't run when changing from Redlib to Newlib

Question asked by Jeff Sylvester on Aug 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Jeff Sylvester

I have run several of the example projects in FRDM-K66F and it appears there is some kind of library contention or mis-direction going on.  if a project was created using Redlib, and if you go and switch the C library to Newlib on the Project->Properties->C C++ Build->Setttings-Manages Linker Script->Library  and then run the project in debugger, the project hangs in startup because it never jumps into main().   Likewise if I have a project built in Newlib and I switch to redlib, then I get all kinds of linker errors, for undefined reference to "function name"   and even if I go back and check all the files exists, and are included in the Includes tab under settings, so all files exist, and the correct path for includes is listed, yet it can not find the header files?    For instance, If I open example frdmk66f_fatfs_sdcard.  this project was build under Redlib.    if all I do is change to Newlib and recompile I get no errors or warnings from either compiler or linker, yet when I run the code it hangs on startup, jump to main, never jumps to main, as though the C source file did not link.    

there must be some kind of project settings, or symbols or something else like a path statement or environment variable that is off pointing to the wrong thing.   any ideas