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NTag I2C direction set issue

Question asked by Nandini K on Aug 19, 2019

Hi Everyone,


Just had a query regarding NTag I2C Plus. I am new to use NTag I2C Plus.


And I am using NT3H2111_2211, interfaced to STM32L053xx micro-controller through I2C1.


I am trying to communicate to get some data on the micro-controller to an Android App, through the NTag.


What I see is when I am trying to get some data from the Android App for the first time(with Pass through Direction set to RF->I2C), I am able to get it properly. And now I change the direction to I2C->RF & write some data to NTag, also happens as expected(could observe the data on the Analyzer output).


Now when I try to change the direction back to RF->I2C & enable the Pass through mode, I could observe the Pass through mode getting enabled, but the direction change cmd from the micro-controller do not get sent on the I2C bus.

The Session reg read says 0x41(I2C Locked), and configuration reg as 0x7C(Pass through enabled & Direction I2C->RF). And the FD line remains Low until the Mobile device is moved away.


So my doubt is, where the issue could be??? Bcoz, the same works as expected on another STM32Fxxxx series.


Thanks in advance ,