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Stuck on Enable USB Interrupts

Question asked by Gianluca Panetta on Aug 16, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by Jing Pan



I have the IMXRT1050 eval board with MIMXRT1052DVL6B and I wanted to set up a new project using the USB connector to create a virtual COM port, just like in the SDK example project.

So I created a new (empty) project with USB middleware included, set my clock to 588 MHz by disabling ARM_PLL bypass (PLL1_BYPASS -> ARM_PLL) and then in the Peripherals Tool in the Middleware section I added one USB entry with

Mode: Device,

Peripheral: USB1,

Preset: CDC VCOM.

After that, I had to enable the clock for USB1 and then I could generate the code.


When I start debugging my code (nothing else added here, except the generated code), the initialization fails during USB_DeviceEhiSetDefaultState() in the line

    /* Enable USB Interrupt, USB Error Interrupt, Port Change detect Interrupt, USB-Reset Interrupt*/
    ehciState->registerBase->USBINTR =

When reaching this line by debugging step-by-step, the debugger hangs up in this line, can not proceed after clicking on pause or stop, I get a window with the error message "Interrupt failed."


Normally I assume that automatically generated code should run out of the box, but here it seem like it does.

So what could be the reason that it doesn't work?


Remark: I didn't select the eval board in the wizard, I just selected the microcontroller I use, because later this project should also run on a custom board. So for example I don't use the boards additional RAM and Flash.