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JN 5169 Hang Up

Question asked by wei ss on Aug 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2019 by wei ss

1.My quetion:JN 5169 Coordinator hang up when Roter joining the newwork.When the chip hang up ,there is no uart signal,no RF signal,and watchdog not reboot the device.When I reboot the device 2 days later, the  problem disappear.


2.My envirorment:

1) SDK:JN-SW-4170 v1840
2)Coordinator:Base on JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge-v1011, we modify code about Uart1,RF signal handle,table size, etc.

3)the router is zigbee test tool, not real device.


3.My  Operational steps:

1)Coordinator form the network

2) join other router in to the network

3) when the chip han up, there has joined 20 nodes.


4.The problem is similar to Chip JN5169 hanging in Runing 


5.The Coordinator Table Size:(we want to support 30 child nodes only)

Maximun Number of Nodes 30

Mac Table Size 35

Active Neighbour Table Size 35

Address Map Table Size 35

Broadcast Transaction Table Size 9

Child Table Size 35

Discovery Neighbour Table Size 8

Nwk Fc Save Count Bit Shift 10

Route Discovery Table Size 3

Route Record Table Size 1

Routing Table Size 60


6.when problem occur, there was no any ERROR in the uart log


7.The siffer log "5169hangUpLog.cubx"was attached below,(channel 11, panid 0x22DF) line 15469 was the last packet that coordinator sended.


8.How to find the root cause of the problem and solve it?