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KW01 cannot work on windows 10

Question asked by Ted Wu on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by Ted Wu

1: I have installed mbedWinSerial_16466.exe on wondows 7 professional, and it works OK. But I install mbedWinSerial_16466.exe on windows 10, it doesn't work. The Mbed has a error TIMEOUT message and the serial port doesn't work either. Does anyone have KW01's driver?

2: But I reconnect the board of KW01 to the windows 7 PC, it doesn't work. It show "The program secure" when I use IAR to reprogram the bin file to KW01 at first time. Why the KW01 is secure by windows 10?

3: How to disable the Mbed? I need the UART port only.