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89LPC935 Can't program

Question asked by Dave Sieg on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2019 by Bernhard Fink

I am unable to find NXP 89LPC935FA chips I can program with a Keil MCB900 and FlashMagic.
The usual suppliers all say the chip is obsolete, no stock.
I found some from China but am unable to get the ISP code to respond in order to program them.
I can get ISP code to respond on older chips, so I know the serial port, MCB900 and setup are correct.
I suspect they have copied the chip but haven't loaded the ISP code.
I find reference to "parallel programming" but can't find any programmers that verifiably program this chip in parallel.
I only need like 35 of these chips to complete this project but I can't program these Chinese chips and there is no US source!
Anybody know where I can get  some chips with ISP code or where I can get a programmer to program them in parallel?
Please advise!