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What's the smallest flash access to avoid RWW violation?

Question asked by Luca N on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2019 by soledad

What's the minimum flash size that can be erased/written to avoid the read while write violation on a LPC5410x ? Is it a sector or a page?

I specifically use a LPC54102.


The IAP provides some functions for sectors, some for pages. It seems a page can be erased and programmed, but a whole sector must be prepared for read/write operation.


The reason I'm asking is because we are left with a bit more than a sector size of available flash on the chip. We haven't finished writing the code and we need to permanently store a little data in there. I'd like to know whether I have to reserve the entire last sector for storing data, or if I can reserve just a page for that and make use of the rest of flash for our code.