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FRDM K64 debugging using segger jlink debugger.

Question asked by Kapil Patil on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Erich Styger


I have a FRDM K64 evaluation board and using the MCUXpresso IDE.

I updated the bootloader to OpenSDA segger jlink , and successfully downloaded the code into board , but i want to use a external segger jlink debugger. 

To connect the external debugger used following steps.

1) Made a connection between the segger jlink debugger and K64 - J9.


2) Removed the tracks of J8 ,J11 and J12.


My segger is detecting is MCUXpresso but I not able to download the code.

* This is detection of segger.

* The errors generated while downloading the code.


I think i am missing something , I am new in kinetis controller and MCUXpresso.

Thank you.