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eMMC lifetime with iMX6

Question asked by Gustavo Oliveira on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Rita Wang

This is really a memory question, but since I am using an iMX6 maybe someone can help or have used similar setup


I have an embedded system using iMX6 that uses this eMMC (8 GB) as memory for the Android BSP and application 


It says on the sheet:


"By Reducing The User Area Of NAND, The Total Number Of Program / Erase Cycles Increases 10x. Typical MLC NAND Is Capable Of 2K Program Erase Cycles. pSLC NAND Is Capable Of 20K."


What does it mean exactly? If the Android BSP is writing logs to it constantly (what we have) will it wear out the memory after 20K writes? This seems very little.


If anyone can give me pointers since I am trying to calculate the lifetime of our product based on this information.


thank you,