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i.MX8QM OpenGL Install Header Files to BSP by Yocto

Question asked by Wayne Kuo on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2019 by jimmychan

Hi Experts,


I want to add OpenGL header file to my Linux system on i.MX8QM MEK.


As usual in i.MX6 system, I just add EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "fsl-gpu-sdk" in local.conf file, Yocto will add all the header files and libraries in to *.sdcard while compile fsl-image-imx.

However, I did the sample thing on i.MX8QM L4.14.98_2.0.0 BSP, but Yocto show the following log while building fsl-image-validation-imx:

 ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'fsl-image-validation-imx'
 fsl-image-validation-imx was skipped: 'fsl-gpu-sdk' in IMAGE_FEATURES (added via EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES) is not a valid image feature. Valid features: allow-empty-password dbg-pkgs debug-tweaks dev-pkgs doc doc-pkgs eclipse-debug empty-root-password hwcodecs nfs-client nfs-server package-management post-install-logging ptest-pkgs qtcreator-debug read-only-rootfs splash ssh-server-dropbear ssh-server-openssh staticdev-pkgs tools-debug tools-profile tools-sdk tools-testapps x11 x11-base x11-sato


How can I simply add configuration of Yocto project to add OpenGL header file to my Linux system on i.MX8QM MEK?


Thanks and Regards,

Wayne Kuo