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JN5168: ZPS_eAplAfInit() cause high current consumption

Question asked by Witold Sowa on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez



I had JN5168 constantly powered for 2-3 months and functioning correctly as a ZigBee PRO router with some Home Automation cluster until recently.


Now I can see the chip starts to draws c.a. 300mA of current @ 3.3V as soon as I call ZPS_eAplAfInit() function. Until then the current is around 30mA. Interestingly the MCU functions correctly, I can program the chip and run the code. IO works ok too. I can see on the sniffer it transmits Beacon Requests but seems like it ignores the Beacons from coordinator (network discovery fails with MAC_ENUM_NO_BEACON). Also the internal temp sensor when read with ADC reads 0. So the symptoms really are

- 300mA of current consumption and chip getting quite warm (300mA x 3.3V = 1W)

- temp sensor or ADC not working

- receiver not working



I will reiterate that the device was working ok for 2-3 months 24/7. I suspect permanent damage to the IC.

So the question is: What can be the problem? What can be the route cause?