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RT1050 Flashloader

Question asked by br li on Aug 13, 2019
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.srec  can't be elftosb.exe transfered to .bin file, following is config and log, could you help to suggest what's problem?


1、This command no success information output:

C:\Users\Diouf.Guo\Downloads\Flashloader_RT1050_1.1\Tools\elftosb\win>elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c ../../bd_file/imx10xx/ -o ivt_RT1052.bin YH-RT1052.srec
Section: 0x0


2、BD Config file:


options {
flags = 0x00;
startAddress = 0x60000000;
ivtOffset = 0x1000;
initialLoadSize = 0x2000;
DCDFilePath = "dcd.bin";
# Note: This is required if the default entrypoint is not the Reset_Handler
# Please set the entryPointAddress to Reset_Handler address
entryPointAddress = 0x60002000;

sources {
elfFile = extern(0);

section (0)


3、SDK map file:

.boot_hdr.conf 0x60000000 Section 512 evkbimxrt1050_flexspi_nor_config.o(.boot_hdr.conf)
.boot_hdr.ivt 0x60001000 Section 32 fsl_flexspi_nor_boot.o(.boot_hdr.ivt)
.boot_hdr.boot_data 0x60001020 Section 16 fsl_flexspi_nor_boot.o(.boot_hdr.boot_data)
RESET 0x60002000 Section 1024 startup_mimxrt1052.o(RESET)
.ARM.Collect$$$$00000000 0x60002400 Section 0 entry.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$00000000)
.ARM.Collect$$$$00000003 0x60002400 Section 4 entry4.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$00000003)
.ARM.Collect$$$$00000004 0x60002404 Section 4 entry5.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$00000004)
.ARM.Collect$$$$00000008 0x60002408 Section 0 entry7b.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$00000008)
.ARM.Collect$$$$0000000A 0x60002408 Section 0 entry8b.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$0000000A)
.ARM.Collect$$$$0000000B 0x60002408 Section 8 entry9a.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$0000000B)
.ARM.Collect$$$$0000000D 0x60002410 Section 0 entry10a.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$0000000D)
.ARM.Collect$$$$0000000F 0x60002410 Section 0 entry11a.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$0000000F)
.ARM.Collect$$$$00002714 0x60002410 Section 4 entry4.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$00002714)
__lit__00000000 0x60002410 Data 4 entry4.o(.ARM.Collect$$$$00002714)



Br Li