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How to preserve memory for IMXRT1064 processor in MCUXpresso IDE?

Question asked by Vikram Tathe on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

I am using IMX RT1064, MCUXpresso IDE and PE Micro debugger. I am developing a Firmware Update feature into my project. So, I have two application binaries; one is bootloader binary and another is application binary.


Bootloader @ 0x70000000

Application @ 0x70008000


I want to flash the application binary at the address and debug the bootloader. While debugging the bootloader, I do not want to mass erase the flash. To achieve this, I have preserved the application memory in the bootloader debug configuration setting (Shown below) but it gets erased when I debug the bootloader.


Are there any additional configurations that I am missing while debugging the bootloader?