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imx6q android P can't boot after fastboot oem unlock

Question asked by zero zero on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Diego Adrian Cuevas

   My boarid is imx6q and works on Android P9.0.0_2.2.0 (4.14.98 kernel).
The compiled version of android P is userdebug. It tells me that the "device is locked" when I use
"adb remount". when I do follow the steps, the android P can't boot:
    1.go to setting -> system -> Developer options -> OEM unlocking
    2.adb reboot bootloader
    3.fastboot oem unlock
    4.fastboot reboot


the log stop here,and system is not running:


zram0: detected capacity change from 0 to 536870912
logd.auditd: start
mkswap: Swapspace size: 524284k, UUID=3702fdde-cd96-4fe0-872c-3a98fb38ee5e
Adding 524284k swap on /dev/block/zram0.  Priority:-2 extents:1 across:524284k SS
random: crng init done


Attached is the complete log.