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there is nothing from t1040D4RDB's serial port output,why?

Question asked by 李熠燊 李 on Aug 11, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by ufedor

At the last normal time, I burned the device tree ,kernel ,and ramdisk img. The system prompted that the burned device tree file was incorrect and needed to be rewritten. After restarting, there was no output information on minicom or other serial debugging software, including u-boot information and some basic board letters before uboot. There's no interest left. What's the situation? The burning step is to follow the official documents. The burned documents are also the SDK packages downloaded from the official files.

在我最后一次正常的时候 烧录了 设备树 内核 跟文件系统,系统提示烧录的设备树文件有误,需要重新烧写,然后重启之后在minicom或是其他串口调试软件上就没有了任何输出信息,包括u-boot,以及uboot之前输出的一些板子基本信息都没有了,请问是什么情况?烧录步骤是按照官方所给的文档,烧录的文件也是官方上面下载的sdk包