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RT1015 USB OTG1 EVK Demo

Question asked by variable_andrew on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by variable_andrew

The evkmimxrt1015_dev_cdc_vcom_lite_bm demo works fine on my EVK, but not on my custom board. 


The custom board is up and running, I2C, GPIO, clocks all working, just seems to be USB not working yet. 


I tested the evkmimxrt1015_dev_cdc_vcom_lite_bm demo on the EVK both as-is, and then after removing Board_InitPins() that seem to only enable UART RX/TX, and updating the memory footprint to avoid external FLASH (all code is in SRAM_OC), as per:

Memory region         Used Size  Region Size  %age Used

         SRAM_OC:       38904 B        64 KB     59.36%

        SRAM_DTC:          0 GB        32 KB      0.00%

        SRAM_ITC:          0 GB        32 KB      0.00%

Finished building target: evkmimxrt1015_dev_cdc_vcom_lite_bm.axf


After confirming the stripped down demo worked on the EVK - I tested on my board assuming the only connection I need should be the USB OTG pins. 


In the custom board - if I have D+, D-, and USB_OTG1_VBUS (via a small cap) connected to the usb connector on the board - any idea of what else should be needed for the custom board to copy the EVK for the USB OTG demo?


Although the USB_OTG_ID pin is connected on the EVK, the evkmimxrt1015_dev_cdc_vcom_lite_bm doesn't seem to enable this pin in the IO_MUX - so I assume I don't need this pin wired at all.