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MCU BOOT for LPC54618

Question asked by Yohannes Budiono Jinawi on Aug 9, 2019
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I'm looking for mcu-boot for LPC54618 MCU. It is not included in the SDK, but I managed to get it from LPC54016 SDK. 


The problem is when I turned on BL_FEATURE_RELIABLE_UPDATE and BL_TARGET_FLASH, there are 2 files included by bl_context.h but can't be found. I can't find these files anywhere, looked into the entire SDK folder, or even SDK for Kinetis MCU, but still can't find them. Those files are:

#include "flashiap_wrapper/fsl_flashiap_wrapper.h"
#include "memory/src/flashiap_memory.h"


Anybody has similar issue before?


My goal is I wanted to create a bootloader and divide my flash into 3 section:

1. Bootloader

2. Main application

3. New application --> this section can be in internal or external flash.

The objective is to let the application write the "new application" into the section 3 without interrupting the application operation itself. After the download completed, the host will issue a command to let the MCU reboot and go to bootloader. The bootloader will verify the integrity of the "new application" in the section 3, and if it is intact, copy them to section 2 ("main application"). 


I've done this using mcu-boot in Kinetis K64F before, and would like to do the same in LPC54618 MCU.


Any advice is welcome.


Thank you in advance