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spi:failed to transfer one message from queue

Question asked by ye huang on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by ye huang

We need to download FW to a spi device when booting up. If we use command "reboot" to boot up the machine, we will got follow erro:


a. Transfer data without DMA
[   21.977433] fm1388_i2c 16-002c: <fm1388_dsp_load_fw> dsp load fw: FM1388_5FFC0000.dat
[   21.985411] fm1388_spi spi0.0: fm1388_spi_burst_write: begin...
[   23.003712] spi_master spi0: failed to transfer one message from queue
[   23.011692] fm1388_spi spi0.0: fm1388_spi_burst_write error -110


b. Transfer data with DMA

 [   26.318445] fm1388_i2c 19-002c: <fm1388_dsp_load_fw> dsp load fw: FM1388_5FFC0000.dat
 [   26.326325] fm1388_spi spi0.0: fm1388_spi_burst_write: begin...
 [   28.338617] fsl_lpspi 5a020000.lpspi: I/O Error in DMA TX
 [   28.344077] fm1388_spi spi0.0: SPI transfer failed: -110
 [   28.349446] spi_master spi0: failed to transfer one message from queue
 [   28.356000] fm1388_spi spi0.0: fm1388_spi_burst_write error -110


But, if we "power down--->power on" the machine, spi transfer is ok.


Note: current  Linux version is 4.14.98,  and version  4.14.62 have no this problem.