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IMX8QXP DDR Stress Test Execution problem

Question asked by Jinlong Bai on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by Jinlong Bai

Hello everyone:

         First, configure DDR4 parameters through MX8QXP_B0_LPDDR4_RPA_1.2GHz_v12, secondly get cfg, compile and generate bin files according to MX8 DDR Tester User's Guide pdf, but connect A35 Uart and SCU Uart, then add .ds file, click Download to download and download .ds file Configuration, which in the implementation of SCU has a .ds file download and configuration DDR parameters, but A35 Uart only prints can be dated stuck, do not know what the problem, I hope to get your help, thank you!



1 .SCU Uart Debug Information:




2 .A35 Uart Debug Information:   

      A35 Uart only prints can be dated stuck