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JN5169 Crystal oscilator transconductance and ESR

Question asked by Witold Sowa on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2019 by Witold Sowa


In the JN5168 Datasheet there's a chapter about Crystal ESR and transconductance requirements which allowed me to successfully choose crystal in smaller form factor fulfilling the requirements (Epson Q22FA1280002511, 60ohm, 8pF). However there's no such chapter in jn5169 datasheet nor the typical/min/max transconductance value in the spec. What are the transconductance and ESR requirements for JN5169?


The context is that I'm moving from JN5168 to JN5169. I can see in the reference designs different crystal caps between the two chips: JN5168 designs use 15pF while JN5169 use 12pF... What is the reason for that difference? Is the internal and case stray capacitance of the JN5159 estimated to 6pF while it is 3pF for JN5168?