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PF8121 configuration files for the standard types EU/F1/F2

Question asked by Bernhard Fink Employee on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by W.h. Chen

Customer :  Larslabs  (Germany)

Platform:     i.MX 8M-Mini + PF8121


Jinyu Zhang


Hi Jinyu, one of my customers got a few unprogrammed  PF8121 samples (programmed samples were not available) and need to program them now with our FlexGUI utility.


Can you please supply me with the config files for the standard configurations?

It would be nice to use them as templates and apply minor changes.


Another question arises when looking at the configuration report of the EU device. From the configuration point of view this seems to be the device which is used in the schematic of Boundary Devices for the Nitrogen board.
But in this schematic SW3 and SW4 are connected together for VDD_ARM. The report says that the EU starts up with 0.9V for SW3 and 0.85V for SW4, which doesn't seem to fit.


So do you know if one of the configurations EU/F1/F2 fits to the Boundary Devices board?