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GD3000 initialisation with NXP MBDT Toolbox for PMSM

Question asked by Stuart Jobbins on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by dumitru-daniel.popa

Using NXP MBD Toolbox for PMSM (Closed Loop) Motor Control ... but equally applicable to the Open loop model.


The static configuration of the PWM outputs is 'complementary mode' in both cases.


The initialisation sequence for the GD3000 requires independent control and activation of LS and HS drivers during steps t3, t4, t5 and t6... which the code cannot respect as it only has control of a single input to PWM.


The outcome is that during initialisation a large (uncontrolled and non-PWM) current is present in the motor (which may not be a problem on a small Linix Motor, but is quite significant with a 200A inverter/motor set-up) until the PWM waveforms are running.


As the interrupts for the system are triggered by PWM reload (which in turn triggers the CTU and then ADC modules), it is not viable to turn on the PWM initialisation earlier.


It is not apparently possible to change the PWM configuration dynamically between independent and complementary mode... how is the GD3000 initialisation sequence to be respected?