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imx8m reset without WDOG_B signal usage

Question asked by Wolfgang Bär on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Wolfgang Bär


i have a problem with the watchdog operation on our custom imx8m board.

Our board does NOT use the WDOG_B signal for PMIC reset and we are not able to change this.


Resetting the board in u-boot works like given in the reference manual:
Setting the 0x3028000 register to e.g. 0x14 resets the SOC and I get also watchdog timeout as the source of the reset in the status register. Also asserting the SRS bit resets the SOC and gives the correct reset source in the status register.


After booting Linux this no longer works - after forcing a watchdog timeout the SOC just freezes.

The voltage sources are as required for SOC startup so this should not be a problem. We boot from EMMC and the RST

pin is connected.


Any hints what else I can check or anyone with same setup (no WDOG_B signal to PMIC)?