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Question asked by Gonzalo Lara de Leyva on Aug 7, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I'm a user of a 68HC12 microcontroller. My board is one made by the formerly Freescale Semicondauctors but I;m having trouble finding the right data sheet for it. The data sheets in NXP don't talk about TC2 which is the register use to store the value the binary counter must be equal to perform output compare. Also, the Timer Channel registers are 7 bits wide whereas in the Freescale data sheet, it is 16 bits wide. I'm not sure which of the variants corresponds to the microcontroller I have. The product No. of the microcontroller I'm using is MC9S12DP512 CVPE 4L00M QQJU1106 but the MC9S12DP512, supposedly, corresponds to another family of microcontrollers. I am getting really confused and any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.


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Gonzalo Lara de Leyva


P.D. I attach the chapter on timers for the original datasheet. I only have this chapter but not the full data sheet.