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Wrong Touch Detection

Question asked by Taimur wajad on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by vicentegomez

Hello All,

We are using TSS 3.1 library and TSI module. Recently we found a problem in our HMI, when interference(EMI) is injected upon HMI electrodes there comes a situaion when one or more electrodes are being permanently detected as pressed untill new startup.

After detailed analysis we found out that when inetreference is injected then there comes a situation when Baseline signal adopts itself to a lesser value than Instant signal and its always detecting as touch because Instant delta remains higher than our electrode threshold and baseline will not adopt itself untill release has been detetcted.

Anyone else faced the same issue? or any leads how we can fix it?

We are using Kinetis K10 uc with Processor expert having 8 electrodes.