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Driver path for external flash not persisted for workspace-related path

Question asked by Andre Schüer on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by LPCX presso support

In the project settings "C/C++ Build" -> "MCU settings" we changed the Driver for the external flash as we have to use our own driver as the nxp shipped does not support our external flash.


We use version control and have different users checking out the .cproject from it.

Therefore we need to have a relative path to be used for the "Driver" regarding the external flash.

This can be set as i.e. "${workspace_loc:}/FW_pHMI/data/LPC5460x_SPIFI_GENERIC.cfx".

When the .cproject is then updated the value is updated to the absolute path, in our case "C:\Daten\GIT\B_Medical_Medref17\FW\TRL/FW_pHMI/data/LPC5460x_SPIFI_GENERIC.cfx"


This leads to the problem, that two developers having the project in a different location always wonder why the flashing does not work -> the standard external flash driver is being used and/or the driver is not found. This leads to regular errors when updating to a new version from the version-control. 


Is there a workaround available to temporarly solve this issue or how could we prevent this?


Additionally in the past, we overwrote the LPC5460x_SPIFI_Generic.cfx file from the corresponding MCUXpresso IDE version. This only worked partially as randomly the ide keeps updating the file from somewhere else that it leads to having the old version in the workspace for debugging after a while. I.e. the driver was copied from the SDK to the user workspace folder. As we do not know for sure where it was copied from and when, we were not able to find out how to solve this and found the "nicer" solution of selecting our own driver inside the project settings. Which has the above mentioned errors.