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Imx8qmmek Sdcard Image Support

Question asked by Andrew Bossert on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Andrew Bossert


I need help getting a bootable sdcard for the imx8qmmek. The software from the release site here contains a .sdcard image. If I write that to an sdcard the system boots. What I want to be able to do is build that image. When I try to build an image with the steps outlined in the fsl-community-bsp-platform repo I do not get the .sdcard image as an output.


A solution would be to get the steps to build the sdcard image.


Things I've Tried

I have tried the .wic file output but it does not boot board. When I inspect the wic file with fdisk it doens't match the .sdcard image in the release. This leads me to believe the wic isn't being created correctly or its not the image I need to create a bootable .sdcard.


.wic image:



.sdcard image:



I'v also tired adding sdcard to IMAGE_FSTYPES in my local.conf. I get the following build error when I attempt this.



Any support is appreciated.


~ Andrew