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Generating PWM pulse using MPC564xL

Question asked by Archisman Datta on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Constantin Razvan Chivu

Hello! I am trying to generate PWM outputs using MPC5643L with XPC56XL_257BGA module. I am using the 'Three phase PWM output' block from the motor control library, to generate the PWM. 

When I am sending constant values to the duty cycle input of the PWM block, PWM pulses are generated at the corresponding output pins. However, when I am generating some variable duty cycle signal using active elements and sending them to the duty cycle input pins of the PWM module, there are no outputs at the corresponding output pins.

The picture above shows the model I am using to generate the PWM. The block 'theta calculation' is having some active elements inside it. 

The picture above is the model inside the subsystem 'theta calculation', which has some active elements such as discrete-time integrator and delay. 

Finally, the generated three phase duty cycle signal is sent to the duty cycle input port of the 'three phase PWM output' block as shown in the picture above. 

This is the generated duty cycle signal seen in the scope prior to sending to the input port of the PWM block. There is no errors during the program build. I tried replacing the active elements with blocks from freescale application motor control library. The problem still persists. Could anyone help me regarding this?

Constantin Razvan Chivu