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How to download security bit into MCU via MCUXPresso GUI tool

Question asked by K.h. Qin Employee on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by Felipe García

Hi Experts

IDE: MCUXpressoIDE_10.3.1_2233



I found that the security bit couldn't be download into kineits via the flash GUI tool, below are my configurations and relate setting, please help to point out what I missed:




I built and created the corresponding hex file and checked it in J-flash, confirmed the security bit at 0x40C had been changed:


What's more, I will read back the value of 0x40C in main function, the security bit will have been successful changed if I use J-flash lite&hex file:



Back to MCUXpresso GUI tool, it made the 0x40C value back to FE(reset value), so I think there should have some extra configurations need to be done in MCUXpresso, please help it, thanks a lot.


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