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debug problem on KL03Z8

Question asked by Gaston Schelotto on Aug 5, 2019
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I'm experiencing strange behavior while I debug a custom KL03Z8 board and MCUxpresso v11.0.0. I'm able to program/flash the device, enter to the main() and stop waiting for the resume (F8). I can also do step over actions (F6) but if I restart the execution it stops the debugger unexpectedly and I have no debug information available anymore. Here's the current perspective in this situation.



More hints:

  • I'm using PE Multilink Universal FX debug prove
  • I've created the KL03Z8 project using MCUxpresso wizard, SDK v2.3.1 and ConfigTools for the Pins/Clocks initialization
  • Debug works fine and I have no issues with a KL03Z32 custom board (project created in the same way than previous KL03Z8 device)