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example about led blinky for QSPI

Question asked by nine sun on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by nine sun

Hi guys. I want to get help for the example of flexspi_nor_debug.

1.My hardware is based on the 105x evk board. it use qspi chip w25q32 to replace hyperflash

2.I modify the file of evkbimxrt1050_flexspi_nor_config.c to fit for qspi flash application. Then i test it with the example hello_world with configuration of flexspi_nor_debug first. Then the serial port can output hello_world. It demonstrate the hardware should be ok.

3.I use the configration for sram with example of blinky_led.The led can be blinky. (i had changed the blinky pin as GPIO1 pin 2)   

4.then i build the example with the configuration of flexspi_nor_debug. Then i download it to board. the result is falure. I try to debug it. it is strange that the instruction is broken when it call the function GPIO_PinWrite, but it jump to function CLOCK_GetPllFreq. 

I use the DAPlink to download firmware to the flash. It should be ok because i had tested it in step 2. the elf file can be downloaded to the flash to get the correct result

Then who can give me suggestions about it? why it jump to such starnge location? Thank you!

I use the SDK version is 2.6.1 the toolchain is ARM GCC