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Problem with MCUConfig V6

Question asked by Keith Smith on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by Keith Smith

I am having the same difficulty with MCUConfig V6 [] as stated in this thread. V5 works fine (supplied with MCUXpresso 10.3).


The thread is VERY long. I am having difficulty trying to understand what the solution was to this problem.


Also, I cannot find the com.nxp.restapi.server for MCUxpresso to change https to http, which seems to be the solution, but not sure.


I am using MCUConfig via the 'Mex' button in MCUXpresso V11. I did not install MCUConfig separately.


I have moved to Version 11.0 of MCUXpresso. Version 11 fixes development problems from 10.3 I really want fixed.



larry ciummo David Rodgers


[BTW, the 'Attach' button is easy to see when asking a question. It is buried when responding. Please make 'attach' a top level button in reply, if at all possible. It took me several tries, finally an explicit question to find the attach button in reply. This is the reason for the VERY long thread referenced above.]