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Playing a specific Video using waylandsink not rendering under a wayland window

Question asked by Arunkumar Rajagopal on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2019 by D.w. Luo

Configure IMX8 with below.

  1. Configure Wayland with Desktop-shell and run the system(Wayland desktop will be shown).
  2. Play video.mp4(attached in this mail) with below pipeline

                gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=video.mp4 ! decodebin3 ! imxvideoconvert_g2d ! queue ! waylandsink window-width=1280 window-height=480


  1. Now try to open weston-terminal, can be a button seen in left top corner in desktop window.


Issue is Weston-terminal cannot be moved on top of the video.

Understanding is video is rendered under a desktop wayland window. But it is not. we are not able to control the video window. Video rendering is blocking the behind desktop shell.


But if you open two Weston-terminal, you can control the view of windows by selecting through mouse.


We can understand that the video rendering directly to a plane on top of wayland o/p plane. But it should not be the case. How to solve this issue.


And we have integrated IVI_shell, want to control the video window.