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K22 I2C eDMA Send 1 data byte

Question asked by Marc Rost on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by Felipe García

Hi everyone,


I made a project using fsl_i2c_edma on a k22.

The project works except when i send 1 data byte through i2c, the callback never happened. 


I read later in the file fsl_i2c_edma.c : 

If transfer size is 1, use polling method


I don't understand why, can someone explain me ?

And, is it possible anyway to use the callback; stay in "standart" edma operation ?



MCUXpresso v11.0.0

SDK FRDM_K22F 2.6.0

Based on the example project  "i2c_edma_b2b_transfer_master"


Thanks in advance.