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Frame rate issue with 800x600 LCD

Question asked by oliviermonnom on Aug 1, 2019
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I've a MIMXRT1064-EVK board and the LCD (480*272 pix) display.

I've a PAL camera and an CCIR656 encoder whose outputs go directly to the CSI interface. DATA flux is about 27MB/s.

I've modified slightly the demo prg to deal with the camera, so far so good, works fine.

Then I changed the LCD for a 800x600pix (with a // to LVDS converter) and I'm facing framerate issue (no more 25fps for the CAM).

Here is the question: is there somewhere a calculation (at least theoretical) of the max resolution possible for a (decent) framerate of 25Hz with the RT10xx and it's associated SDRAM?

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