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Question about register with flash_partitioning_s32k144

Question asked by Knight Ke on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by Knight Ke

Dear NXP Engineer:

I have a problem when i read the expoler project like flash_partitioning_s32k144,it will meet some register,like this picture show.

and when i press ‘F3’ it will jump to definition at line 211 of file flash_driver.h. but it display it equal the “FTFC->FCNFG” .But Actually i want to know the init value about FTFx_FCNFG.If i not clear the value about it, i do not understand how to Perform '&' calculations.


So can you tell me,where are the define with the init value with this kind of register. Such as, doc name:S32SDK_S32K144_UserManual(i can't find it in this doc).and i need it download link.


And i have another question,

the problem is in lin 11226,FCFG1 init valut is that 0x4c?I can't find instances of offset,what about offsetf mean?