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USBDM CF 3.1 UsbdmScript TCL Interpreter commands

Question asked by ROBERTO BERNER on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by pgo

Hello PGO, I've got some PCB's done with your USBDM_CF_3.1, assembled, intended for HCS08 programming and debugging, and it is now replacing an old P&E micro USB Multilink 12E cable. Picture attached. Works fine with CodeWarrior v11.0.


I have 2 questions, if you please.


1. is it possible for the USBDM CW plugin to take the trim calibration frequency value directly from the Component Inspector menu instead of entering the debugger menu ? Please see attached capture.


2. is there a detailed description and the purpose of de TCL Interpreter UsbdmScript.exe ? For example, I was trying to start my new USBDM_CF_3.1 board and thought that I could change the state of most pins of the JM60 onboard MCU.  I didn't understand if this program exercises the USBDM board itself or the target connected to it. BTW the mentioned pinSet command is not recognized, as you can see in the attached captured image. What am I doing wrong?

This was suggested here: Testing the BDM hardware


Thank you so much for the project.

Cheers and greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.