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Question for development environment for LPC4078

Question asked by Atsuki Nakano on Jul 30, 2019
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I have a question regarding development environment for LPC4078.


Target Processor: LPC4078

IDE: LPCXpresso v7.0.0 [Build 92] [2014-02-20] 

Debugger: V1 board with LPC-Link (LPC1769 mounted)


I got a mission from my boss, and that is porting a source code for LPC1763 to LPC4078.

I did made a project based on LPC407x_8x and importing the source code to be porting and as a result, the build successfully completed.


However, when I run "debug"on the LPCXpresso there is an error reported as shown below:

 Failed on connect: Ep(01). Target marked as not debuggable.
 Connected. Was: None. DpID: EDB6. Info: WIN64HS12

My questions are:

 1. Should I do some other setting other than made a project for  LPC407x_8x?

 2. Can I use V1 board with LPC-Link for LPC4078?


Needless to say, I cannot deny the possibility the trouble caused by an design/product failure of target board with LPC4078, but I need your help/support.

So, any information, suggestion, and/or advice will be appreciated.


A. Nakano